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Wonderworld Toys – Mini Car Set

"...their toys allow for your child to use his imagination and not rely on bells and whistles."

3 reasons why I love Wonderworld’s  Mini Car Set

1. Wonderworld is a strong advocate of protecting our precious environment. They create Eco Friendly wooden toys that last due to their use of rubberwood and non-toxic paints, dyes, lacquers and formaldehyde free glue.

2. Their “Tree Plus” program plants two trees for every one that is cut down during the production of their toys. Love that!

3. The simplicity of their toys allow for your child to use his imagination and not rely on bells and whistles.

Wonderworld's Mini Car Set is absolutely adorable and come in 5 different styles that encourage your child to explore the world around them. Each car is the perfect size for little one's hands, made with real rubber tires and are equipped with pieces that move up and down.  My nephew loves the cars and they are his favorite toys to play with. Every morning he looks for them and treats them like his friends.

Mini Dumper

The Mini Dumper is Wonderworld's best-selling toy! It includes the truck driver and a dumper that actually moves forward and backward. Wish I could be a kid again.

Mini Fire Engine

The Fire Engine comes with a fire fighter and a ladder that moves up and down. The vibrant colors capture your child's attention for make-believe time.

Mini Police Car

Your child can enjoy imaginative play as a real-life police officer! You can teach the importance of rules and safety as your child takes the role as police man. Such a great interactive toy!

Mini Yellow Cab

The Mini Yellow Cab encourages children to use their imagination as they bring people to their destinations safely and conveniently. This one is my favorite and I love the unique design.

Mini Loader

The Mini Loader teaches hand and eye coordination with a loader that moves up and down. It comes equipped with an operator that can become your child's first friend. The simplicity of the design is what makes this mini car set the perfect toy for your child.


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