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Baby Planning

Sae La is amazing. Her expertise is matched only by her warmth and kindness. She took us quickly through the ins and outs of car seat installation with enthusiasm, and we are drawing upon her knowledge to this day!

- Molly
  Mom to Adele and Roman

When you're about to become a parent you don't want to read a confusing users manual. Luckily, when it came to installing my infant's car seat, I had Sae La to help remove all the guesswork. With just one quick lesson I felt confident about installing my car seat and its base in any vehicle. I would highly recommend Sae La's services to any new parent. She was a godsend!

- Jordan
  Dad to Lucas

My wife and I are expecting our first child.  While my wife has a fairly good idea what we’re doing and the items we’ll need, I haven’t a clue.  What I do have is access to her friend Sae La Chin.  A veteran saleswoman at a national baby retail store, Sae La knew the ins and outs of preparing for our new arrival the same way a master chef knows the ingredients needed to prepare a five-star feast.  The difference is that Sae La not only invitingly welcomed us into her kitchen, she showed us how to use all the utensils.

I think the best part of dealing with Sae La is her innate ability to understand the needs and wants of each individual couple, and to customize the shopping experience to their specific situation.  Sae La turned what I had expected to be a cumbersome, drawn out drama into what felt like a treasure hunt – she showed us things that we suddenly had to have – and just as importantly, the things we could do without.  Sae La made us feel like kids in a candy store and my wife and I left feeling more excited than ever to bring our new baby into the world!

- Mark and Brittney
  Parents to Max

As a first time mom, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of baby stuff out there and at a COMPLETE loss as to what I would actually need for my little girl. Sae La was a real life saver. She is so knowledgeable and was able to really recommend city-friendly products and gear. I would have ended up with so many useless and/or bulky items if it weren't for her. I couldn't be happier with all my recommendations!

- Margot
  Mom to Juliette

Given the importance of installing car seats correctly, I would have expected a more lucid explanation from the manufacturer but the instruction booklet was not only lengthy but also somewhat unclear. Sae La did a great job clarifying everything and giving me the confidence that I was doing everything correctly. This is service well worth spending the money on and Sae La did an excellent job.

- Chris
  Dad to Callan

Sae La was invaluable in helping us to set up our gear for both of our sons.  As first time parents with Simon, we had no idea what we would need upon his arrival, and felt overwhelmed by all the products out there.  Sae La brought us up to speed about the variety of products and made the process effortless, and, I dare say- fun!

Sae La streamlined our shopping list and helped us to save a significant sum, which we deposited into Simon's 529 College fund.  We contacted Sae La once more with the addition of our second son, Daniel.  While we were able to re-cyle most of Simon's gear, she highlighted several new products and was seminal once more, in our choice of a double stroller.  Sae La's great sense of style paired with her attention to detail and ability to tailor her knowledge to our lifestyle helped us to arrive at just the things we needed.  We will definitely use her again if there is a number three! 

- Hilla
  Mom to Simon and Daniel

The services provided by SayBayBee were invaluable to my husband and I while we tackled our baby registry.  As first time parents, the task seemed daunting to say the least not knowing the difference between necessities and things that we could or should do without.  Sae La's expertise in ALL things baby made a potentially overwhelming experience anything but that.  She directed us to the most practical strollers, car seats, high chairs, mattresses etc. and took into account our lifestyle and what would best suit our individual needs and parenting style.  She demonstrated the benefits or downfalls of every option and never led us to what may have seemed like an obvious brand name or choice.  She took safety and recall into account all along the way and her up to date knowledge of each product had many other expectant mothers tagging along and asking for advice.  Sae La structured the experience in a way that got the most difficult choices out of the way first and we never felt rushed through any decision.  If there was something unavailable in the store that she thought would better suit our needs, she made detailed notes throughout and then emailed us with the adjustments to our registry.   I cannot stress how much Sae La took the stress and uncertainty out of this experience for us.  I can't imagine how anyone could tackle something as important as this without the help of a company like SayBayBee.

- Krista and Ryan
  soon to be parents

When I was pregnant, I met a wonderful woman, Sae La Chin, who worked at (a major baby retail store) at the time. She saved me so much money in terms of recommending that my husband and I steer away from getting certain unnecessary items and recommending items we should not be without. She was up on all the latest strollers, car seats and cribs and explained all the pros and cons to each one. She also helped us make decisions based on our finances and life style. She has since opened her own business, www.saybaybee. com, and does baby planning. I was so pleased to have met her and still contact her as our baby has moved on to different needs such as a bigger car seat. You should definitely contact her.

- Diane
  Mom to Matilda

Sae La is a fantastic resource!  We hired Sae La as our baby planner and she helped us get organized before our baby's arrival. She assessed our home and our lifestyle and made recommendations based on our needs.  She is extremely knowledgeable with the enormous selection of baby products to choose from.   She saved us time and money and she is personable and fun to be around.  I would recommend using Sae La's services to anyone having a baby.

- Jen and Adam
  Parents to Sam

As a first time mom, the amount of information out there for baby products is overwhelming and often conflicting -- thank God for Sae La and her baby planning services through SBB! Sae La helped simplify the process and tailored our registry to our specific tastes and needs. We worked together mostly through email and over the phone, and Sae La was extremely responsive and thorough. She would explain the benefits and disadvantages of a product, provide any product recall or safety issue information and offered us alternatives if we asked. Because of her wonderful and knowledgeable advice, we literally saved hundreds of dollars and countless wasted hours searching for products (or returning/exchanging products) on our own. Instead, my husband and I were able to spend more time relaxing together and preparing for our incredible son. We can't thank Sae La and SBB enough!

- Yula
  Mom to Jonah

Mom & Baby Fitness

Today I am attending Sae La's class again. This time with my six weeks old son. I look forward to spending magical time with him while dancing to great music.

- Kara
  Mom to Braeden and Trevor

I couldn’t think of a better beginning of our life together.

- Taliva
  Mom to Malinah

Sae La Chin has a very warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts a ton of fun! She runs her classes with a lot of integrity, extensive knowledge on child development, and with age appropriate gear. She makes every effort to give maximum attention to each participant (both mom and child!) – and to adapt the workout to his or her needs.

- Christina, pediatrician
  Mom to Emilia

SayBayBee is a fitness/dance class that not only helped my body to get back into shape but it also helped my mind.  As a new mom I was full of worries and questions. Sae La understood how I felt and provided me with the confidence I needed in my new role as a mom. During each class she would share with me and other parents her vast knowledge about the body, newborns, baby proofing and many other subjects. It was truly amazing to get educated while dancing and bonding with my daughter. Through music and dance I was able to create a special relationship with her that will last a lifetime.

- Donna
  Mom to Julia and Sebastian

I met Sae La  for the first time at a complimentary postnatal dance fitness she had at the UES Lululemon store. I was with my twins (boy and girl), they were 7 months old at that time. Both me and my twins had a great time.  The exercises were perfect for what I needed at that time!! Two weeks after, we had another class at the Central Park; this class was even better.  Sae La arrived with a portable CD player, we had a great music and another wonderful class at an amazing sunny day at the park. Since I have twins, Sae La was actually exercising with one of my babies so I can easily do the entire class. Sae La is a great teacher and a wonderful person. Highly recommended for every postpartum mom!!  I loved it so much!!

- Idit
  Mom to twins

There is a new mommy and me fitness class taught by an amazing woman named Sae La Chin. She is a former Rockette and broadway dancer, also certified personal trainer. It is a class like no other. It is NOT a yoga class but a fitness class for new moms at all levels of fitness and she makes it fun, yet nurturing for the babies as well.

- Diane
  Mom to Matilda

Zoe and I really enjoyed your class! The music and massage at the beginning of the class really calms the mommy and baby. The dance class really keeps you moving and the work out really help you lose some baby belly fat. At the end of the class, you definitely feel the workout and most of the time, Zoe falls into a deep sleep with the calm music and dance moves.

- Lisa
  Mom to Zoe

I loved how Sae La's Postnatal Dance Fitness class combined stretching, toning, and high energy dancing, all the while connecting me with baby through massage and movement. It was great to have one-on-one with baby #2! I felt so good afterwards and was reminded how important it is for me to carve out time for myself.

- Hilla
  Mom to Simon and Daniel