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SayBayBee Nutritionist Jaime Windrow RD

Introducing our SayBayBee Nutritionist Jaime Windrow RD!

When Sae La asked me if I was interested in being a guest blogger for her new website launch I was honored.  I love chatting about nutrition, and even more so, nutrition for mom’s, moms-to-be and those cute little bundles of joy.   Although not the primary reason for getting into this field, I found the topics of pediatric nutrition and maternal health fascinating while in graduate school at New York University.   Specifically, pre-natal and post-natal nutrition had my attention.  As I sit here and write this, I keep peeking over at my beautiful 5-month old little girl and I cannot help thinking, “I grew her”.  It still blows my mind!   And I know the choices I make everyday, especially the food I eat, has a little something to do with that.

If you’re going to read about my nutrition topics I post, I might guess you want to know a bit more about me?  So lets take a little peek!   I met Sae La during my 12-year career as Radio City Rockette.  Ahh… those were the days!  Dance was my very first passion in life.  I knew when I was young girl that I wanted to be up on a stage in the big apple, and I can still remember those day trips to the city to see the Christmas Spectacular.  Oh how I wanted to be one of those ladies!   It was during this time period that I connected the dots between proper nutrition and the benefits towards performance, injury prevention and body composition.   Due to the high physical requirements of up to 6 performances a day, I wanted to do everything I could to stay healthy but I found the information on nutrition frustrating.  (This was when popularity of the Aktins Diet and Zone Diet were at its best.)  I threw out the diet books and took matters into my own hands.  I marched right down to Hunter College and put in an application into their Nutrition program.  And that chapter is history!  

Now retired from the professional dance world, I am lucky that I had another athletic passion in life: triathlon.   I am sure most of you reading this know that we are talking about swim-bike-run, but I can tell you that when I got involved in this sport many years ago, no one even knew what that word meant!  It was a great way to balance my life in the city, and got me to shift my thinking of “working out” to “training”.  Training with a goal in mind and something to achieve and be proud of.   In a nutshell, I’ve been coaching for over 5+ years and racing triathlon for about 13 years –  from sprint distance to full Ironman’s.  I work as a triathlon coach and I’m the Nutrition Programs Director for QT2 Systems and The Core Diet.  Using the knowledge I gained from being a professional dancer and a nutrition expert, I provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with all the tools needed to compete at the highest level possible or achieve personal goals.  I love my job!  

But the best job of all is one I am pretty new to, and that’s being a mother to my baby girl.  In a few short weeks she will be 6 months old and I have no idea where the time went!  I’m not really sure how to describe myself as a mom, but a few things about me:  

  • I’m eco-conscious as much as possible (recycle, reuse, repurpose). 

  • I buy organic foods and try to avoid anything I think might have GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in them. 

  • I continue to exclusively breastfeed. 

  • When I introduce solids soon, I will be making my own and it will NOT be cereal. 

  • I cloth diaper all the time, even when traveling!  

  • I work from home, which is awesome but also brings about its own challenges.

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Eat well.  Train smart.  Live life.


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