Mom and Baby Fitness

- "Bee fit, bee healthy, bee happy!"

benefits of mom & baby fitness

healthy bond

Bond with your baby while exercising

healthy body

Dance away your pregnancy weight

healthy balance

Find the balance in your life

SayBayBee's Mom & Baby Fitness class is a new Dance/Fitness workout designed to help new moms bounce back into shape through stretching, strengthening and dance aerobic exercises with your baby in a front baby carrier. A mix of abdominal and pelvic floor exercises will help tone muscles for a speedy recovery. Baby relaxation techniques and brain development exercises create a long lasting bond between mom and baby. Research has shown women who exercise during and after their pregnancy enjoy many physical and emotional benefits. All levels of fitness are welcome.


*park photos courtesy of Jerry Ruotolo


We specialize in PRIVATE and "in-home" group sessions. Work out privately with your baby or gather local moms and enjoy working out in a common area near you! Mom & Baby Fitness "in-home" sessions eliminate the need for travel with your baby so you can enjoy working out in the comfort of your home. Call or e-mail SayBayBee to set up your private session taught by a certified SBB trainer to regain that pre-baby figure!