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7 Tips on Playing Safe for Your Kids

It’s fall and your children are playing outdoors, so here are a few tips to keep them safe.

1. Always watch your children closely when they play.

2. Keep choking hazards such as small toy parts, flat balloons, long cords and plastic bags away.

3. Stay away from toys with sharp edges, small magnets and button batteries.

4. Choose toys that match with your child’s age and skill.

5. Make sure your children always wear shoes when playing outdoors.

6. Visit playgrounds with rubber mats or other safety surfaces.

7. Make sure your children are wearing helmets when skating or riding a bike.

For more information, visit and search for “toy safety fact sheet.” Also to check if a product has been recalled, go to

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  1. lexidott says:

    I have only found one playground with rubbert mats within 50 miles from my home, I wish more parks would have them. My son tries to eat the small rocks or wood chips at most parks and it makes playtime hard.

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