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3 Steps to Simplifying your Hot Mom Style

Pregnancy can be the coolest — or most challenging — time to figure out what to wear each day. Whether you’re pumped or panicked at how to dress your ever growing bump, the good news is there’s a cycle to pregnancy style that’s the same for every gal. With my style clients we break-up hot mom style into 3 chapters:

1. Early pregnancy {first trimester}: Birth a Sartorial Plan! Go through your maternity hand-me-downs from friends and give back or donate what you’re not going to wear. Don’t hold onto sweetly shared clothes that you don’t love or are never going to don — they’ll just clutter your bedroom and your mind. Then make a shopping plan for what you want/need, according to your budget. Doing your wardrobe plan early on will help you avoid shopping in a mad panic when your belly pops, over-spending or getting depressed when you don’t like anything you have. Take this time to prep your wardrobe so you can be calm, collected and confident as you walk into a business meeting, on date night or taking photos at your shower.

2. Late Pregnancy {last two months}: Hide the skinny jeans! Organize your closet and take time to assess, honestly, what will fit—and be comfortable—during baby’s first 3 months as you heal and focus on your little one. Tuck away those things that won’t fit, whether on your body or into your maternity leave lifestyle. Make your closet as clutter-free and stream-lined as possible so you know exactly what your go-to’s are during the coming time of exhaustion and have removed any possibility of a “people are coming by to see the baby and I have no idea what to throw on” melt-down of a fabulous but sleep deprived new mama.

3. Post-baby {six months after birth} Redefine who you are! Start by clearing out your maternity clothes to return, donate, sell or store. Then grab a cup of tea and do some vision casting for the next year. How has your body, life, heart and style changed? Are you returning work, okay not losing the last 10 pounds right now, inspired to start writing a book? Motherhood has changed you and you deserve time to define who you are and therefore the life you want to dress for. Embrace changes, be authentically you, keep yourself a priority and commit to being the Hot Mom we all want to be.

Feel overwhelmed? Grab a girlfriend for help along the way or drop me a line at I’ll meet you at your place with two lattes and we’ll get to work.

Hilary Rushford is a personal stylist for “real people with real budgets” and founder of DeanStreetSociety in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Pregnancy photos via TheDayBookBlog.

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